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The TRINITY project (increasing regional border capacity of transmission system by means of intelligent market technology), which is being implemented under the auspices of the European Commission Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA), was launched in October 2019 and will last until October 2023.

CGES is part of a consortium implementing this scientific research project together with end users (transmission system operators, power exchanges, regional coordination centre, promoters of renewable energy sources) and scientific research institutions from EU and South East Europe.

The project aims to facilitate the interconnection of the electricity market in the region of South East Europe (SEE) and the connection with the multi-regional coupling market (MRC). This project will develop a set of solutions to improve cooperation and coordination between SEE transmission system operators in order to integrate the electricity markets in the region, while promoting greater participation and entry of the renewable energy sources into market. In order to achieve this strategic goal, four independent and yet complementary TRINITY products will be developed within the project:

1.   T-MARKET COUPLING FRAMEWORK: setting up a framework for cross-border cooperation and integration of renewable energy sources in the electricity market based on a coordinated intraday market and available capacities in South East Europe;

2.   T-SENTINEL TOOL: a set of tools will allow optimization of EPS operation at the regional level and development of new algorithms to improve the calculation of reliability values, which will facilitate the integration of more RES in the region;

3.   T-RES CONTROL CENTRE will be established in South East Europe with the aim of optimizing the control and operation of renewable energy generation plants, facilitating their share in various electricity markets through special mechanisms for monitoring and certifying the origin of clean energy;

4.   T-COORDINATION PLATFORM will serve to improve cooperation between RCCs and TSOs. By coordinating the functionality of the three previous T-products, this platform will rely on the experience of the French RTE operator when structuring cross-border operations.



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