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Crnogorski elektroprenosni sistem (CGES) is part of a consortium participating in the implementation of a project in the field of energy called CROSSBOW, funded by the European program for development and innovation - HORIZONT 2020.

CROSSBOW is a project that promotes research, innovation and technological development in the European Union, the aim of which is to establish cross-border management of variable renewable energy sources and storage units in order to provide an international wholesale electricity market. The aim of the project is to provide services to transmission system representatives under different scenarios, in order to promote sustainable electricity networks, which contain greater penetration of renewable energy sources in the total production, and allow for the possibility of establishing the real-time pan European electricity balancing markets.

CROSSBOW technologies are contained in eight different results (products):

1.       Providing the basis for the establishment of Regional Operations Centers (ROCs) in Southeastern Europe;

2.       Creating regional coordination centers between transmission system operators and renewable energy sources;

3.       Integrating hybrid manageable renewable energy sources into the existing network;

4.       Creating regional centers for coordination of energy storage;

5.       Building a system of virtual energy storage facilities;

6.       Implementing a wide-area surveillance and alert system;

7.       Establishing a Regional Consumption Management Platform;

8.       Defining the ancillary services and wholesale markets.

The results shown will be tested through nine test groups (HLUs), which are shown in the figure below.

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The project is being implemented by 24 companies from 13 European countries, including eight transmission system operators from the region, as the end users of the results of this project. The coordinator of the consortium is the Spanish company ETRA, which has a number of successful projects in the field of energy.

More detailed information about the project is available at:



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