Reconstruction and extension works on SS 220/110/35 KV Mojkovac completed


Project: Reconstruction-extension of SS Mojkovac included:


1.      Reconstruction of SS Mojkovac- forming basbar system and equipping two line bays, one transformer bay, two metering bays and one section bay 220kV;

2.      Construction of connecting overhead line 220 kV (in the length of about 2.5 km);

3.      Construction of transposition of 110 kV of overhead line B.Polje-Mojkovac and Kolašin-Mojkovac; and

4.      Installation of 110/35 kV transformer, 20 MVA. 


Works on the reconstruction of SS Mojkovac, construction of connecting overhead line 220 kV and construction of transposition of 110 kV overhead line B.Polje-Mojkovac and Kolašin-Mojkovac were completed in 2014.

Completion of the project, i.e. installation of an additional transformer 110/35 kV in SS 220/110/35 kV has allowed Mojkovac to have a significantly higher power supply security of consumers (fulfillment of n-1 security criterion) of distribution consumer area of the municipalities of Kolašin and Mojkovac.  

Within the implementation of the subproject “Installation of 110/35 kV transformer”, transformer was purchased, building permit was obtained and after revision of the main design in the period August-December 2015 were completed construction and electrical and installation works on the installation of a new transformer 110/35 kV, 20 MVA. Besides, the reconstruction of auxiliary power supply was completed.

Project benefits are:

·         upgraded capacity in transformation;

·         higher reliability and security of power supply;

·         better quality of delivered electricity;

·         reduced duration of no-load state.

The total project value is about 3 million euro.

Demanding project was completed as planned during 2016. 

After obtaining use permit the project is fully implemented. 

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