8th Session of the Montenegrin CIGRE NC starts in Budva (CG KO CIGRE)
May 15, 2023

8th Session of the Montenegrin CIGRE NC starts in Budva (CG KO CIGRE)


The Montenegrin Committee of the International Council on Large Electric Systems (CG KO CIGRE)is the organizer of 8th Session taking place in Budva (Hotel "Avala"), with an aim  to affirm and encourage the creation of a new energy concept.

The Chairman of CG KO CIGRE, Predrag Mijajilović opened the Session, saying, among other things, that energy sector should not allow recklessness, wandering and rambling, and in this regard, he expects the conference to provide answers to all current issues.

"Currently, we do not have an Energy Strategy. Energy sector has been politicized to the extent of daily use for daily political purposes, which we engineers should not allow".

At the opening, representatives of energy entities in Montenegro addressed the attendees: Aleksandar Mijušković, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CGES, Milutin Đukanović, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EPCG, as well as Honorary Chairman of the Montenegrin CIGRE NC, prof. dr. sc. Milutin Ostojić and Chairman of the Serbian CIGRE NC, Nebojsa Petrović.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of CGES, Aleksandar Mijušković, has emphasized that the International Council on Large Electric Systems, where the Montenegrin Electric Transmission System (CGES) holds an important place, is actually the opportunity where a living word can be heard since the role played by the Montenegrin CIGRE Committee is very important also because it gathers experts from the energy sector who, along with already established efficient communication with experts from the surrounding and beyond, will facilitate the successful implementation of planned activities and projects in the energy sector.

"I tend to say that we are already part of the European family, because through numerous investments we have overcome national borders, not only when it comes to the region, but also far beyond. Here, above all, I am thinking of the submarine interconnection project Italy-Montenegro which has brought us third year in row extra profit not only from transit, but also from cross-border capacity allocations, so today, I can proudly point out that we have earned a historical profit of 20.3 million euros. There is no doubts that despite the difficult times, CGES knew the way to success. Namely, thanks to the ability, expertise of our employees and applying the highest business standards, we successfully overcame challenges, and in such circumstances preserved the company's key resources maintaining the trend of constant growth and achieving impressive results, said the CGES Chairman of the Board.

We believe that the investments completed, as well as those in progress, have a strong impact on economic activity in the country, contributing to a great extent to the employment and GDP growth, positioning the company, and the state of Montenegro, in the limelight of the electricity developments in Southeast Europe, stated Mijušković adding that our major investments substantially have changed the picture of energy system of this part of Europe and the Balkan Peninsula. "The project presented is not only an energy hub, but a bridge between the European Union and the Balkans. Apart from being recognized as tourist destination, Montenegro, could be highly competitive through the green transition as well. Our priority is to help our region focus on energy-efficient resources, identify and solve weak spots and eliminate pressing problems. Montenegro has been given a huge opportunity to make good use of the available finances on the path of green transition. CGES strives to be an example of how to make the most of given opportunities and how to adopt novelties in the most effective manner. This has been demonstrated not only through the projects we have brought to an end, but through the targeted investment cycle, that would be challenging to companies and systems much larger than ours, so we have focused all our capacities on implementing project of regional significance with no additional tariff burden towards consumers in Montenegro, said Mijušković.

New electricity sources, already included on the list of planned investments, would not be possible without connecting to the transmission infrastructure of CGES. We are ready to welcome them as a solid foundation for future investments in the energy sector and having successfully overcame the global crisis despite difficult and complex barriers. Positive business, the realization of numerous investments aimed at better quality and safer supply of electricity to consumers, are the result of dedicated human capital that is key to the implementation of the investment plans. Without projects and clear visions and plans, we would not be able to continue our mission. In that sense, I dare to say we have prepared very ambitious five-year investment plan, worth - 195 million euros.

Chairman of the Board Mijušković has pointed out that a more challenging year than ever, marked by the global energy crisis and with strong effects on the energy sector of Montenegro is behind us. Has the energy crisis taught us how to change our attitude towards energy, is its end in sight, how much do we need new infrastructural facilities and technologies, will it slow down the green transition, what is the Montenegrin energy sector undertaking, these are all questions we have already provided answers to a significant extent. Nevertheless, I see that the potential topics of panels, round tables, and informal discussions already mentioned above will be key during the duration of the consultation, which I am looking forward to.

Appreciating the moment of celebration, I use this opportunity to wish successful work to all colleagues actively participating in this most respectable professional meeting in Montenegro hoping the conclusions from the upcoming sessions be heard not only within the energy sector, but also far beyond, reaching the most relevant addresses.

The Executive Director of CGES Ivan Asanović, received a plaque for his overall contribution to the organization of the Montenegrin CIGRE NC (CG KO CIGRE).

For this year's Session, 71 scientific papers from Montenegro and the region were accepted, and presented during the three days of conference within the framework of 15 study committees, and in addition to the work of the committees a technical exhibition of energy equipment and instruments, services and software was arranged , among which our company's stand had a notable visit.

Big sponsors of 8th Session of the Montenegrin CIGRE NC (CG KO CIGRE) are CGES, EPCG, CEDIS and EFT group, with 200 experts from Montenegro and the region taking part in it.