Med-TSO is the Association of the Mediterranean Transmission System Operators (TSOs) for electricity, operating the High Voltage Transmission Networks of 19 Mediterranean Countries, including Montenegro. It was established on 19 April 2012 in Rome as a technical platform that, using multilateral cooperation as a strategy of regional development, could facilitate the integration of the Mediterranean Power Systems and foster Security and Socio – economic Development in the Region. 

Med-TSO gathers 21 members from 19 Mediterranean countries, covering an area of 8.5 million km2 ca; it serves about 500 million of consumers, with a total load demand of about 1,600 TWh (billions of kWh); Med-TSO’s members operate around 400,000 km of transmission lines, dispatching the energy produced by about 550,000 MW (Megawatt) of installed capacity.

Med-TSO is engaged in facing this challenging evolution of the regional power sector by facilitating the creation of a Mediterranean energy market, through the definition of common methodologies, rules, sharing costs, risks and best practices for optimizing the operation of the existing infrastructures and facilitating the development of new ones.

Our mission is to operate a Multilateral Cooperation platform among the TSOs, aimed at facilitating the harmonized development of their transmission grids, at creating a secure, flexible and efficient integrated Power System in the Mediterranean and at fostering the creation of an integrated regional electricity market.

Med-TSO contributes to the achievement of this objective by promoting:

•        cooperation and coordinated approach among the Med-TSO Countries

•        markets integration

•        common criteria and harmonized technical rules

•        training, knowledge sharing and technical assistance

•        enhanced communication and consultation with stakeholders and institutions

•        the role of TSOs at regional level

•        the role of TSOs at regional level, analyzing and taking common positions on issues that can have an impact on the development and operation of transmission systems;

Med-TSO is also working to become the professional and strategic body for every technical, market and policy issues related to the Mediterranean electricity systems; a competent, prepositive and proactive guide to which European and Mediterranean institutions and stakeholders could refer. The European Union supports Med-TSO, especially about all the initiatives that aim at maintaining a constructive cooperation and permanent engagement of both Mediterranean shores, in order to contribute to the development of a special relationship between the EU Member States and their neighboring Mediterranean countries. The effective integration of the transmission networks across the EU and the Mediterranean opens up greater perspectives in terms of sustainable growth, security of supply and experience exchange. EU’s support was defined in 2015 with the signature of a grant contract for the so called “Mediterranean Project”: the way the association is carrying out its goals.

The Project runs along five main priorities: Rules, common set of basic rules; Infrastructure, guidelines for Network Planning and implementing a Euro-Mediterranean Electricity Reference Grid; International Electricity Exchanges, development of a Mediterranean Electricity System; Knowledge Sharing, establishing a forum among the relevant professionals working; Med-TSO Database, creation of a Mediterranean database.