CGES and environment

Environment, and everything that surrounds us-which our environment and working activity are related to, undergo changes by human actions in greater or lesser extent. These changes are inevitable part of development and progress of society and along with preventive action, i.e. minimizing the impact on each segment of the environment, the company is developing in a way that its future existence cannot be compromised.

Crnogorski prenosni sistem a.d. (CGES AD) is a company with a highly developed awareness of environmental protection, present both in the process of planning the development of the transmission network as well as during regular operation and maintenance of the transmission system. Also, the social responsibility of CGES is reflected in the concern not only of the safety and health of employees but also of citizens in a way that its facilities - substations and transmission lines – have been built in accordance with the technical standards, legislation and recommendations of the relevant national and international institutions and organizations, thus ensuring safe and reliable operation of facilities with high measures of protection of human health and other living beings.

The impact that the transmission facilities have on living beings and the environment is reflected in the occurrence of:

Electromagnetic radiation of low frequency 50Hz.pdf

- Corona effect

Corona is the effect caused by partial discharges on insulators of transmission lines and the air surrounding the conductor alone.  High values of the electric field around the conductor lead to the ionization of the surrounding environment and at sufficiently high voltage leads to breakthroughs and electrical discharge in the form of pulsating current. Charge effects during these discharges are manifested as crackling sound - noise and since charges are within a variable electric field, currents are induced again emitting electromagnetic interference. Corona Effect depends on several factors of which most significant are voltage levels and atmospheric conditions. Corona usually occurs when humidity is high (typically above 80%). Water facilitates the ionization and contributes to greater concentration of ions in the air, moisture itself increases conductance thus making electrical discharges more frequent.

Corona effect is most pronounced at 400 kV transmission line, less at 220 kV while at 110 kV and lower voltage level OHLs is almost negligible.

During the relatively low humidity (dry air) noise as a result of corona is 40 dB to 50 dB in close proximity (underneath) 400 kV transmission line. Under such conditions, sound associated witch corona often equalizes with the level of the sound of the environment in which it is located. Depending on the conditions, during wet weather conditions the noise level due to corona can be increased to values ​​of 50 to 60 dB.

- Waste production

Waste management is one of the important activities carried out in order to protect the environment. Waste management in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, and efficient use of resources, which includes - prevention of waste whenever possible; proper storage of waste (especially hazardous); preparation of existing waste for reuse, recycling or energy recovery - ensures preservation of the environment from the negative effects of work processes.

CGES AD treats waste in accordance with the "Waste Management Plan of CGES AD "  for which the Environmental Protection Agency gave its approval in November 2013.