Trans-Balkan Electricity Corridor (I) - Grid Section in Montenegro – Part II – LOT 1

Publication (short notice)

Procurement of Works and Goods (Trans-Balkan Electricity Corridor (I) - Grid Section in Montenegro – Part II – LOT 1)




Publication (short notice)

Procurement of Works and Goods (Trans-Balkan Electricity Corridor (I) - Grid Section in Montenegro – Part II – LOT 1)

(International Contractor/Bidder Prequalification Notice)



Reference No.:

ICB No. 202 062 107-01

Submission Deadline:

May 23, 2018 (12 PM, local time in Montenegro)


Procurement of Works and Goods

Invitation for Pre-qualification of Bidders/Contractors


International competitive bidding for procurement of works and goods related to implementation of „Trans-Balkan Electricity Corridor (I) - Grid Section in Montenegro – Part II” (“the Action”) – Lot 1.


Western Balkan Investment Framework (WBIF) with KfW Development Bank as Lead International Financial Institution.


Crnogorski Elektroprenosni Sistem AD – CGES (Montenegrin Electrical Transmission System), Montenegro

Project Description:

This project is called “the Action”. It is the second part of a larger project with the full title “Trans-Balkan Electricity Corridor (I) - Grid Section in Montenegro”. The first part is financed by KfW and EBRD loans, as well as CGES own funds. The objectives of the Action are:

1.    To raise the capacity of the electrical transmission system in Montenegro and the transit capacities to its neighboring countries,

2.    To improve the efficiency and reliability of the regional transmission system,

3.    To raise the security and quality of power supply.

The Action is financed by a WBIF Grant (EU funds) and comprises investments and associated technical assistance. The Employer will use a portion of the available funds for the payment of the goods to be procured and works to be performed under Lot (1) of subject project. The Lot (1) consist of two components:

-      Component 1: Replacement of High Voltage Equipment in several high voltage substations.

-      Component 2: Reconstruction of Protection Relay and Bay Control devices/systems, auxiliary systems and local and remote SCADA integration of several high voltage substations.

Required Services:

The Goods to be procured and Works to be executed in accordance with this Lot include, but are not limited to the following: preparation of manufacturer's drawings, detailed design (in line with Montenegrin law), dismantling of existing equipment and its temporary site storage (disposal), demolition and civil works, manufacturing and procurement of materials and equipment, shop tests, packing, any charges incurred up to delivery, transport, unloading and storage to the sites, insurance and delivery of plant and equipment, erection, assembling and installation of the equipment, temporary site buildings and accommodation, site tests and commissioning, supply of spare parts and special equipment & tools, supply of operating and maintenance manuals, training of Employer’s personnel, overall project management, preparation of maintenance/as-built design (in line with Montenegrin law), obligations during defect notification period and and everything necessary to leave the substations’ plants complete and in full working order at the expiration of the Warranty Period.

Pre-qualification Criteria:

Pre-qualification of prospective contractor/bidders will be determined by the application of a pre-established qualifying system. The Employer reserves the right to reject any or all responses to Pre-qualification Questionnaires and to waive nonmaterial irregularities in any response received. All information submitted for prequalification evaluation will be considered official information acquired in confidence and the Employer will maintain its confidentiality to the extent permitted by law. Pre-qualification documents can be obtained electronically in PDF format, free of charge, upon submission of written request to the Crnogorski Elektroprenosni Sistem AD. In addition, cover letter clearly indicating the name of the Applicant and domicile country shall be provided together with the request for prequalification documents. The procurement process and applications, the evaluation procedure for the pre-qualification and the subsequent selection process will have to be acceptable under the “Guidelines for Procurement of Goods, Works and associated Services in Financial Cooperation with Partner Countries”, available on KfW’s website. For further information please contact:

Crnogorski Elektroprenosni Sistem AD

Bul. Sv. Petra Cetinjskog 18,

81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

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