EIC codes

Energy Identification Code is a unique code that is assigned to all participant in the local and European electricity market, including all the objects that are part of the power system (power lines, production units, substations, meter point). EIC codes are allocated for the purpose of unambiguous identification of registered participants and the objects.

List of granted EIC codes by LIO CGES

Responsible local issuing office (LIO) in Montenegro is CGES. To grant an EIC code an EIC code request form has to be filled out, signed and verified by the applicant and to be submitted to LIO CGES by mail or e-mail.


After receiving a request form, LIO CGES will create a code, validate, send to CIO and publish on CGES web page: http://www.cges.me/dokumenta/eic-registracija-ucesnika


Registered EIC codes are published on ENTSO-e web page:


Further information about EIC codes can be found on web page:


Registration procedure for participation in auction process

All market participant that are registered for auction process can participate on yearly, monthly and dialy allocation procedure of cross-border capacity on borders between Montenegro – Albania, Montenegro – Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro – Serbia.  SEE CAO is responsible for allocations on borders Montenego – Albania and Montenegro – Bosnia and Herzegovina, but capacity allocation on border Montenegro – Serbia is uder the jurisdiction of CGES (50% of net transmission capacity).

In order to be registered as auction participant, market participant shall fulfill Registration form and sign Acceptance of the obligation and send to e mail below.


List of registered auction participant


Registration for intraday cross-border capacity allocation on border Montenegro - Albania


The process of intraday cross-border capacity allocation on border Montenegro - Albania is described in document: Rules for intra-day allocation of cross-border transmission capacity on the border between the control areas of Crnogorski elektroprenosni sistem AD (CGES) and Operatori Sistemit Transmetimit Shqiptar (OST).

Praticipants who want to change their schedules after short term matching process on border Montenegro – Albania, have to fulfill  Statement of acceptance of obligations (CGES-OST intra day) and send to mentioned e mails below.

List of participants that signed the statement

Requests shall be sent to e-mail address:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or by post office on addresses:

National dispatching center,

Moskovska 39, 81 000 Podgorica


For further information please contact numbers:

Tel: 00 382 20 414 762

Tel: 00 382 20 407 633

Tel: 00 382 20 407 622

Tel: 00 382 20 414 709


Fax: 00 382 20 225 962

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