Reconstruction of Overhead Line 110 kV Nikšić-Bileća

Reconstruction of Overhead Line 110 kV Nikšić-Bileća

The project includes the construction of a new section OHL 110 kV Nikšić-Bileća with the aim of putting out of operation the existing section passing through the settlement of Dragova Luka, whose operational safety has reduced due to the increasing number of newly-built residential buildings.

Expected benefits from the project are:

  • safer and more reliable power supply to the consumers in this area;
  • replacement of the section of the existing lines which are older than 50 years;
  • improving operational safety of the lines as a result of reduced outages caused by short-circuits due to the vicinity of residential buildings and oldness of the lines.

The total project value is about 0,8 million €.

The reconstructed overhead line was put into operation in May 2015.