Our companies


                                                                                                                                                                                      With the aim of implementing international obligations, CGES realizes cooperation with transmission system operators through international organizations, but also through corporative initiatives, i.e. joint ventures with other system operators from the interconnection.

The odest joint initiative of CGES with neighboring electric power companies is Elektroenergetski koordinacioni centar d.o.o. (EKC) (Electricity Coordinating Center), founded immediately after breakup of former Yugoslavia as successor of community of Yugoslavian electric utilities – JIEL. CGES is one of the four equal owners with Elektromreža Srbije, Македонски електропреносен систем оператор from Skopje and Power Utility of Republika Srpska. Today, EKC is one of the most respected companies in the field of electric energy in the region.


SEE CAO ltd (South East Europe Coordinated Auctioning Office) is the first regional electric power initiative with its seat in Montenegro. CGES is one of the seven owners together with system operators of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Greece, Turkey and Kosovo. SEE CAO is responsible for development of an unique regional electricity market, and through the role of legal person which on behalf of its seven owners on one place it coordinately solves issues of access to cross-border transmission capacities.   

In the process of spin-off from formerly integrated Elektroprivreda Crne Gore in 2009, CGES succeeded also the ownership interest in the former Pljevaljska banka – today Invest Banka Montenegro (IBM).


BELEN d.o.o. is the Power Exchange established by CGES, COTEE and EPCG. In addition to establishing and launching an organized DAM in Montenegro, BELEN's goals include connecting the electricity market with at least one neighboring country, as well as establishing intraday and futures markets afterwards, creating new business opportunities for market participants and ensuring better efficiency, more competitive prices and greater security, quality and service standards.