CGES performs the activity of electricity transmission in Montenegro through the transmission network at 400 kV, 220 kV and 110 kV voltage levels, as well as the functions of system control, maintenance and development of the transmission network.

CGES has a transmission network that consists of 59 lines, about 1,512 km long, namely:

  • Six 400 kV overhead lines ( Lastva – Podgorica 2, Lastva – Trebinje, Podgorica 2 – Ribarevine, Ribarevine – Peć, Ribarevine – Pljevlja 2 I Podgorica 2 – Tirana);
  • One 400 kV section Čevo – Brezna, 54 km long, which is in operation under 110 kV voltage;
  • Eight 220 kV overhead lines (HPP Perućica – Trebinje, Podgorica 1 – Perućica, Podgorica 1 – Koplik, Podgorica 1 – Mojkovac, Mojkovac – Pljevlja 2, Piva – Pljevlja 264, Piva - Pljevlja 265, Piva – Buk Bijela;
  • Forty-one 110 kV overhead lines, of which three are double-circuit overhead lines (2x110 kV), and four are in operation under 35 kV voltage;
  • Two 110 kV cables (Podgorica 3 – Podgorica 5 and Nikšić – Kličevo) and
  • One 110 kV mixed line (Podgorica 1 – Podgorica 4). 

Lenghts of overhead lines

In addition to lines, CGES also has 25 substations at voltage levels 400 kV, 220 kV and 110 kV. The total transformation capacity of the transmission network of Montenegro is 4,166.5 MVA (with a total of 55 transformer units).

Installed capacity of transformers

Three large power plants with a total installed capacity of 947 MVA (867 MW) are connected to the transmission network, namely:

  • TPP Pljevlja – 218.5 MW (257 MVA), connected to the 220 kV network in SS Pljevlja 2;
  • HPP Piva – 3 x 114 MW (3 x 120 MVA), connected to the 220 kV network;
  • HPP Perućica – 5 x 38 (5 x 40 MVA) + 2 x 58.5 MW (2 x 65 MVA), connected to the 110 kV network;
  • WPP Krnovo – 72 MW connected to the 110 kV network in SS Brezna and
  • WPP Možura – 46 MW connected to the 110 kV network.

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In recent years, CGES has done a lot to improve the Montenegrin transmission network by constructing and commissioning several very important facilities, namely:

  • Construction of the 400 kV section Lastva – Čevo, about 35 km long, in order to create a 400 kV connection between SS Podgorica 2 and SS Lastva;
  • Construction of the 2x400 kV section Lastva – Čevo, about 34 km long, in order to create a 400 kV connection between SS Lastva and SS Trebinje and the future connection between Lastva and Pljevlja;
  • Construction of the 400 kV section Čevo – Brezna, 54 km long;
  • Construction of 110 kV cable line Nikšić – Kličevo, about 3.7 km long, with the new 110/10 kV substation Kličevo, 63 MVA;
  • Construction of 110/35/10 kV substation (110 kV plant and 110/35kV transformation; 2x20 MVA) Kotor (Škaljari) and the new 110 kV overhead line Tivat – Kotor, about 7.5 km long;
  • Construction of 400/110/35 kV substation Lastva and its connection to the transmission network by connecting to 110 kV overhead line Budva – Tivat;
  • Construction of a 110 kV cable line connecting 110/10 kV SS Podgorica 4 and 220/110/35 SS kV Podgorica 1;
  • Reconstruction of the protection and control system in the transmission network;
  • Reconstruction of the protection, control and auxiliary consumption system in 220/110/35 kV SS Podgorica 1;
  • Replacement of HV equipment in substations SS Pljevlja 2, SS Podgorica 2, SS Ribarevine, SS Podgorica 3, SS Berane, SS Budva, SS Herceg Novi, SS Cetinje, SS Tivat, SS Ulcinj and SS Nikšić;
  •         The introduction of a new SCADA system, which included the implementation of a new SCADA/EMS system at the location of the existing NDC and at the location of the reserve dispatch centre (RDC), and the preparation of all facilities for their connection to the new system.

    In the previous period, CGES, in cooperation with wind power plant investors, connected the said plants to the transmission network, namely:

    • WPP Krnovo, through the new SS 110/35 kV Brezna and 110 connection overhead lines and
    • WPP Možura, by connecting the existing 110 kV overhead line Bar – Ulcinj according to the input-output system.


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Activities on the implementation of a number of projects are in progress, among which stand out the following:

  • Construction of the 400 kV section of the overhead line Brezna – Pljevlja, about 61 km long;
  • The Luštica project, which includes the construction of 110/35 kV SS Luštica (Radovići), 2x110 kV cables, 11.5 km long, and 110 kV OHL Lastva-Kotor, as well as reconstructions of 110 kV OHL Lastva – Tivat and 110/35 kV SS Tivat;
  • Construction of the new 110/35 kV SS Žabljak, 2 x 20 MVA, and connection to the 110 kV network;
  • Reconstruction of 110/35 kV SS Pljevlja 1 and its extension by adding the 110 kV overhead line bay Žabljak.

Electricity from the transmission network, in addition to distribution consumption, is also taken over by direct consumers:

  • Kombinat aluminijuma Podgorica (aluminium plant in Podgorica);
  • Željezara Nikšić (steel mill in Nikšić) and
  • Željeznička infrastruktura Crne Gore AD Podgorica (railway infrastructure of Montenegro).

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