Montenegrin Electricity Transmission System

Elektroprenos (Electricity Transmission) is an organizational unit of CGES responsible for the maintenance, development and utilization of the electricity transmission system elements consisting of the transmission lines 1416 km long and 25 substations at 400 kV, 220 kV and 110 kV voltage levels. By creating conditions for high-quality functioning of transmission lines and substations, Elektroprenos creates preconditions for the implementation of the core activity of CGES, or ensures electricity transmission from generation sources to consumers. 


The maintenance of transmission lines and substations in a functional and reliable condition, as well as control of equipment in the substations is ensured by the synchronized work of the technical departments of Elektroprenos.

The Maintenance Department is responsible for implementing preventive and emergency maintenance of transmission lines and high-voltage equipment in substations, while the Protection and Testing Department is responsible for testing high-voltage equipment and protection, as well as maintaining protection (devices that shut down damaged high-voltage equipment and detect locations and types of failures). The Operation Department is responsible for operating the equipment in the substations, while all technical departments are involved in CGES investment activities. These activities are carried out by our own resources, thanks to the professional and quality staff, as well as modern equipment of our company.