The first transmission station was put into operation on 1 July 1957 in Nikšić, whereby the Electric Transmission System of Montenegro began to intensively develop as an integral part of the electric power system of the then SFRY. Montenegrin Electric Transmission System celebrates this date as the Company’s Day. Moreover, the development of the company began some time earlier and followed changes in socio-economic relations up to these days. For getting better insight in 50-year history of our company, we shall now briefly describe each stage of its development.    

Background Information

As far as 1954, a company ‘Dalekovod’ – Titograd was established on 8 January dealing with construction of transmission lines and transformer stations. Within the scope of its activities, the company also performed transmission and transformation of electric power, as well as maintenance of transmission network facilities covering the southern and central part of the former Republic of Montenegro.

In the northern part of the Republic, ‘Elektroprenos - Bijelo Polje’ was established in Bijelo Polje on 1 May 1955, which was further incorporated in the company ‘Dalekovod’-Titograd on 15 July 1957. Since its establishment, the company had two drive units out of which one was for transmission and transformation of electric power and maintenance of transmission network facilities, and the other for construction of transmission facilities.

Since 1961, the company had been operating under the name of ‘Elektrocrnagora – Titograd’. Later on, in 1973, three basic organizations of associated labor were formed within ‘Elektrocrnagora – Titograd’:

- BOAL Elektroprenos – Titograd out of the existing drive unit Elektroprenos,
- BOAL Elektrogradnja – Titograd out of the drive unit Construction and
- BOAL Common Services out of technical services Elektrocrnegore.

At the end of 1975, LO ‘Elektrocrnagora-Titograd’ and LO ‘Crnogorske elektrane – Nikšic’ were integrated in a Labor Organization for electric power generation and transmission and construction of electric power facilities ‘Elektroprivreda Crne Gore-Nikšić.’

During 1976, BOAL ‘Elektroprenos – Titograd’ and BOAL ‘Elektrogradnja – Titograd’  operated within the Labor Organization ‘Elektroprivreda Crne Gore – Nikšić’, and the activities of dispatch control and electricity trade that previously belonged to BOAL Common Services were transferred to the Labor Organization ‘Elektroprivreda Crne Gore – Nikšić’.

Ten years later, a Composite Organization of Associated Labor ‘Elektroprivreda Crne Gore – Nikšić’ was set up consisting of labor organizations and communities; however, since 1990 electric power organizations of associated labor were established and operated as Public Electric Power Company ‘Elektroprivreda Crne Gore’.

Since 1998, ‘Elektroprivreda Crne Gore’ has been operating as Joint Stock Company ‘Elektroprivreda Crne Gore’ Nikšić.

Pursuant to the Decision on Spin-Off no. 10-00-3204 dated 27 March 2009 made by the Shareholders’ Assembly of ‘Elektroprivreda Crne Gore’ ad Nikšić, a Joint Stock Company ‘Prenos’ Podgorica was established.
The foregoing transformations while implemented were economically and socially justified.


Many a time was the company transformed, nevertheless constantly fulfilling its main task of ensuring safe operation and development of the Electric Transmission System of Montenegro. Subsequently, complying with the requirements for electricity market liberalization and EU regulations on division between market and monopoly activities and taking into account a need for improving economic efficiency, the Shareholders’ Assembly of EPCG made the Decision on Establishment of a New Joint Stock Company ‘Prenos’ in March 2009.

 J.S.C. ‘Prenos’ ensured fulfillment of its main task, which is implementation of electricity transmission to such an extent as to ensure safe supply of the Montenegrin customers. After putting the transformer station in Nikšić into operation up to these days, the Electric Transmission System of Montenegro has developed in a modern system firmly connected with neighboring systems. Three hundred and twenty five employees take care of its operation, maintenance, and development.

 Pursuant to the Decision made by the Shareholders’ Assembly, the company changed its name into ‘Crnogorski elektroprenosni sistem’ - CGES AD (Montenegrin Electric Transmission System J.S.C.). 

In the next five-year period, CGES AD will pursue a comprehensively challenging investment plan. Implementation of the planned investments in the Electric Transmission System of Montenegro throughout the whole country and a link with Italy, which is one of the biggest projects in the company’s history together with a link to Serbia, will not only enable consolidation of the Transmission System of Montenegro in such a way as to improve its operational reliability and create conditions for the development of future generation within Montenegro eliminating possible bottlenecks in the development of the coastal areas, but will also enable Montenegro to become a significant power node in the region, firmly integrated in the future regional electricity market.